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Corona virus is highly contagious. Currently there is no effective way to cure for this virus. Prevention is the only way we can save us from this virus. According to our current knowledge this virus can spread person to person through personal contact or air (during coughing, sneezing or spitting). To avoid this expert suggest us to keep a distance minimum of 2 meter from each other which is known as social distancing.

What it does

Our goal was to develop a solution which help the user to avoid close contact with the other user. To do so, we have developed a solution which help the user to maintain 2 meter radius with the other user. This solution provided by an app which can work on the background of mobile to ensure the distance. Our solution providing the following features to the user:

  • This help the user to maintain the 2 meter distance from the other user
  • Notify the user with an alarm if he/she is too close to the user
  • App also work on the background or while on the go.

Challenges we ran into

Our idea was to give the right solution to the user which work even when the user is using is using other apps. The main challenge was to check the accurate distance and using the solution on the background in the long run and even when the device restarts. We have used AltBeacon format using android-beacon-library. With this an app can get notification from one or more app. We had alternative option like iBeacon from apple or Emmastone from google which can be easily integrated.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

People will naturally forget to maintain distancing in daily life. An intuitive app which works continuously can save people from being critically close to each other. Specially those people who are more vulnerable (like our elders) during this situation. Our accomplishment is to make the right solution to create distance awareness with our app.

What's next for SafeCoronaDistance

Our Further development of the app will include the following features:

  • Movement graph: This app will include a movement graph of the user using GPS. - Patient Database: Maintain a database for the patients. Technologies: android, android-studio, bluetooth, android-beacon-library Try it out: -> prototype app apk

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