There was a girl named Kanto in the rural region of southern Madagascar. She lived with her grandmother and father. Unfortunately, her mother died of an illness that was unknown. Kanto and her family lived in an area very far from the city, where the road is so impassable. One day her grandmother fell ill and Kanto decided to go to town to find help. That's the purpose of SAFE drone delivery , helping families like Kanto's family in order  to allow them having access to the essential drugs they need. In fact , not less than 50% of the Malagasy people do have access to medicines they need to survive. At the other hand, we have also worked in the national drug purchasing center in Madagascar: We noticed that despite the efforts made to get the medicines to all the regions of Madagascar, difficulties persist because of the bad roads and the landlocked areas. So we tried to find a solution to overcome the problem: that's how SAFE drone delivery was born.

What it does:

SAFE is initially specialized in the distribution of pharmaceutical products (drugs, vaccines, blood bags, lab tests) by drones , but  in the context of the fight against COVID-19, we would like to extend to other vital goods like hygiene products or foods for example in order to help people face the COVID-19 Pandemic. So people will continue to receive the goods they need in allday life rapidly via drone delivery but at the same time the social distance will be respected and minimizing the contraction of COVID-19. In order to reach each region, we plan to build step by step drone centers , but for now we are transporting the drones and goods via vehicles until a certain reachable geographic point and from there, guiding the drones to the final destination.

How we built it:

SAFE is searching and working with aeronautical engineers in order to conceive the drones and an application which allows the customers to contact directly SAFE for their commands and locate geographically. We are also working closely with potential customers like pharmaceutical wholesalers ,International Institutions and business accelerators such as Orange in order to sustain our quick development. Therefore, we take part at a maximum level of competitions as well for increasing our chance to get the necessary funds.

Challenges we ran into:

The drone is supposed to travel hundreds of kilometers and bring medicines and other goods safely. It is a challenge that we will take up with courage. In addition to that, conceiving drones is not easy, finding the right people and convincing them to take part in the project as well is tough. SAFE is a big and long term project, so finding funds for running it and especially constructing the drones is a hard work too. But it is priceless because it is about saving lives. And life, like health, is priceless.

Accomplishments that we are proud of:

Prizes during national Hackathon and Competitions , one concerning the fight against COVID-19 in Madagascar and Africa #Hackoragnavirus

What we've learned :

The simple little things in life are most important: health, family and smiles as well as the recognition of the people you serve with your heart.

What's next for SAFE drone delivery:

We already have a partnership with a company that can produce the Safe drone. Our first step is then conceiving and finishing our first drones. After that, we will proceed to fly tests in specific regions chosen by our potential customers, In fact, we have already tested our product towards potential customers such as pharmaceutical wholesaler and International Institutions like Population Service International, and they are willing to contract with us. Then, we could launch our first drone delivery. Apart from the pharmaceutical wholesaler, we also want to attend other provider of vital goods (foods for example) in the context of the fight against the COVID-19 Pandemic, that's why we are working on our advertising side too. In addition to this, we  will set up devices to communicate quickly with the areas that need our drones the most, for that , we are for example projecting to build drone centers in each province of Madagascar first and then maybe extending to other countries within the next years.

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