save lives of a maximum of people, worldwide by creating a hotline for each person on the planet

What it does

Predict the workload for the public healthcare professionals by collecting anonymous data about potentially infected people daily

People will use their smartphone, mobile phone, desktop browser of telephone to share data about their health status.

The application will notify the users when there is a risk of infection due to their behavior.

Sharing information may save lives and inform the healthcare givers and our governments.

The goal is to share our health status (infected or not) without disclosing our identity on a shared database and notify (still without sharing the identity of the patient's identity) the people who were close to the patient (through geolocation and date/time) that they should pay closer attention during their confinement.

  1. Employees can inform his/her employer that the risk of being infected is higher (people will then decide what to do: confinement, extensive protection....)
  2. A potentially infected person can inform his/her family that they crossed the road with an infected person
  3. The postal code of infected people is shared with the ministry of health that can forecast the requirements due to the contagion (beds, masks, respirators, hire caregivers, and assistants...)
  4. the supply chain is put in place to ensure that a maximum of the patient does have access to the best medical care

How I built it

a mobile app using regular technologies such as Android and iOS

Answering machine uses Twilio

Send SMS worldwide uses Twilio

Store data on SQL databases (SQL Server, MySQL, AWS rds), Data warehouses( SQL server DW, Bigquery, AWS redshift), store media  (Azure Media Services, YouTube, AWS S3) or NoSQL databases (cosmodb, google datastore, AWS dynamodb)

Build reports using jupyter notebooks : See

Challenges I ran into

find skills to develop, test and maintain the application

find funds to build the software

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

the applications are easy to build

What I learned

the usage of the telephony is different in each country; we should take care of those differences to include ALL human beings whatever the technology they have access to

What's next for safeguard lives

Find a team, build the product, make it open source, and push the WHO to use it today and in the future!

Business requirements


  • each day, question the person
  • do you have the visible signs or symptoms related to COVID-19?
  • if yes, go to  [REQUEST_HEALTH_STATUS]
  • if the person HAS the symptoms     * each day: the app will ask the status of the person. go to  [REQUEST_HEALTH_STATUS]


  • the device (app, a phone call from a ro-bot) requests further information to the person
  • the person inputs the text with a keyboard
  • or the person records a video
  • or the person records his/her voice
  • The ministry of health receives the data (anonymously but including the postal code)


  • the device (app, SMS, web application) requests where and when (date, yesterday, today) and time (now, one hour ago) he/she was located


  • The device informs the owner of the device that an infected person was close to her/him



  • each day, if she/he has NEVER indicated that he/she has the symptoms


  • each day, if he/she has indicated that she/he HAS symptoms


Mobile app version


  • request the person to grant access to collect geolocation data, read SMS
  • do not ask for information about the person
  • collect anonymously the data (ID generated by the mobile phone)
  • daily questions [REQUEST_HEALTH_STATUS]
  • notifications [SHARE_BEST_PRACTICES] if someone infected was close to the person/phone

SMS version


  • the person sends an SMS to a toll-free number
  • the person receives a confirmation that the number is recorded

daily questions


each day, ask the person


Desktop application


  • request the person to register
  • the person receives a CODE that he/she uses to log in
  • the person shares an email address if they want to receive notifications (not mandatory)
  • the person indicates a mobile phone number (that is not stored) to enable the application to send an SMS to backup the CODE

daily questions

  • each day, or whenever the person logs into the web application

each time the person logs in, ask the person


Phone application


  • the person calls a toll-free number
  • the ro-bot requests the person if she/he wants to register
  • ask to input a code that will identify the member who uses the same phone as other members (of the same family?)
  • the person receives a code to distinct the members of the house (father, mother, kids...)

daily questions

  • The person calls the toll-free number
  • The person indicates his/her unique Identifier
  • The ro-bot redirects to the right question

Automatic call from a professional is someone is potentially infected

  • the professional DOES NOT know whom he/she is calling
  • The ro-bot indicates the Identification of the person within the family that may be infected

Try It out



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