Many people lack access to the correct medical information. This used to be an underlying problem people tend to put in the back of their mind when they are safe and healthy. Until the COVID-19 pandemic hit and escalated into community spread. The internet is swarmed with all kinds of misinformation. The general public is clueless about what to trust and does not know where is safe anymore while the medical professionals are fighting to send out the correct information out to the public and struggling it. Also, due to the ambiguous nature of COVID-19 and the high similarity of its symptoms, people are having a hard time telling COVID-19 and the simple flu apart. The best way to contain the virus and stop it from spreading is for the sick people, COVID-19 or not, to stay home and distance themselves from the general public. This could reduce the chance of the virus spreading and take away the uncertain factors of whether the illness is COVID-19 or not. This prompt us to come up with a solution to help connect professionals and the general public with each other for medical information transmission, and encourage the sick people to share their location with others to help strengthen the effect of social distancing.

What it does

Safepoint allows medical professionals and sick people in need to connect for a video chat consulting session. For the patients who have successfully completed their consulting sessions with the medics, they will then be allowed to schedule a virtual appointment with the facilities to receive further examinations. Safepoint allows sick people to notify others in their community about their location to help reduce the chance of virus spreading. This feature will be working alongside with an equal reward system: The general public will be asked to pay a small amount of fee if they wish to view the location of the sick people, and the sick people will be receiving the money as a monetary reward to thank them for their contribution and collaboration. Safepoint collaborates with the Taiwanese authorities and follows their recommended process of tracking the sick people’s condition by a punctual email system and status updates. Once the user is confirmed to have recovered from flus, diseases, or even COVID-19 , we will remove their data from our database.

What's next for Safepoint

The immediate next step for Safepoint is to establish concrete and clear rules for the three types of users, the medics, the sick people, and the general public, to ensure the utmost security for the users’ privacy as we are dealing with sensitive data here. Following up, the current version of Safepoint is a functional prototype that focuses on its features. Since Safepoint has a relatively complete design, the next move for Safepoint will be to build the product by implementing the design and to recruit medical facilities to join the platform. For the medical facilities, we will be asking them to try out Safepoint while we aim to understand and manage their opinions on the product via CRM. The purpose of this usability testing trial is to ensure that Safepoint matches up to what the medical facilities need before we openly market the product to the general public.

At a moment like this, we not only need to figure out a way to control the disease, we also need to make sure human activities can maintain at a minimum workforce. In order to do so, roadblocks, lockdowns, and restrictions will not be the ultimate solution. Safepoint’s value behind our solution stands on top of the belief of the good in humanity. We can unite together, provide ease to each other, and make things easier by sharing, caring, and develop more self-awareness in our daily lives.

Tech Stacks

React - front end framework

Firebase - authentication, cloud-functions

Postgresql - Database

Hasura, Graphql - Database access with access control

Fortmatic - digital wallet for patients to receive rewards

Sendgrid - email api for bulk health report reminder processing - provides real time web rtc chat between patients and doctors

Mapbox - provides 3d building maps

stripe - provides payment gateway

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firebase, graphql, hasura, mapbox, node.js, react, stripe

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