Living in a country like Nigeria with over 150 million people gives you the opportunity to witness cultural diversity. These people have a deeply imbibed culture of body contact, and densely congregate daily to perform their operations.

The pandemic, COVID-19, has brought about a much-required change in these cultures. Also, the need for these cultural changes is further emphasized by the inadequacy of available infrastructure ( health, transportation, technology ) and poor standard of living.

We developed SafeSpace, an application that we believe will aid enforce social distancing and reduce the spread of the virus.  We leveraged on Artificial Intelligence(AI), seamless peer-to-peer connection, and GPS tracking to create a social distancing solution that does not wholly depend on internet connectivity.

We use AI (Multiagent Systems) to define the utility of every phone that installs the SafeSpace. Then using our indigenous viral-like communication protocol we communicate info between devices to ascertain the distance between devices and even potential "agents" that have been at vulnerable locations. When the user comes too close to the other devices, a beam is made to remind him to stay afar.



android-studio, java, laravel, native, python

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