We all have grand parents, uncles and aunties who we love and want to see happier and more engaged.
We thought of them through our entire process.

What it does

SalonZäme is the keystone between readily available tools (whatsapp & zoom) and virtual cultural content to allow shared inclusive experiences.

How we built it

With our brains, our heart, long hours and a lot of Internet bandwith.

Challenges we ran into

The organisation of Versusvirus was very hectic and made it difficult for us to understand what was expected, the challenge itself was very broad and unclear and didn't really understand the real challenges of the target group (which we focused on during our first day luckily).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

we proud of our team, our team spirit and effort! We're proud that we're bringing a relatively simple technical solution with a huge potential social impact and value to the community.

What we learned

seniors love zoom! slack has its limits and in Switzerland we always end up speaking English!

What's next for SalonZäme

we have created a mini wave of support that we could leverage on to pursue the project. Otherwise, we will just have the huge apéro when we can meet again in real life



whatsapp, zoom

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