We want to protect one of the most important cultural heritage of a country: the bars around the corner, the restaurant where we meet our colleagues, the pizzerias where we use to go every Saturday. A small investment today will give the opportunity to our restaurateurs and their staffs to have a significant and rapid income, and to us to be able to back to our social life.

What it does

We want to leverage the emotional bond between people and their beloved places, in order to encourage online voucher purchasing. These vouchers can be used once the emergency is over. By doing this, the community of customers plays its role supporting these struggling businesses that represent the gastronomic culture of their country.

How we built it

We are building the platform using Wordpress/woocommerce.

Challenges we ran into

We want to build a platform accessible in any country (so we need legal and tech support), improve restaurant submission, integrate insurance model, find financial funds and partners to communicate the platform  to make the platform useful for any kind of emergency

Accomplishments that we're proud of

With this project we won the Start-up wise guys pre-acceleration program and we arrived in the top 5 of the Hack for Italy hackathon. In just one week we built: strategy plan on Milan as a pilot city, design, basic core platform set-up torno al solito posto, channel & communication strategy.

What we learned e # What's next for Same old places

There a lot of platform based on voucher/crowdfunding model, so we we need to study a scalable strategy and an easy way to involve entrepreneurs to connect them to the community (private or companies

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