A few years ago we did a market study and realized that most EHR software solutions are outdated, old and ugly. We observed a need in the market, went live with a product version and making money for more than 3 years. We doubled our income ever second year since launch and are goon on our track to increase this development.

What it does

Additionally to the telemedicine solution (a Whatsapp + skype for patients and doctors combine) it automates and improves healthcare processes at practice and clinic level, connects the patient in a patient-centric way.

How I built it

We built it as an MVP and launched a few years ago; we grew; we are rebuilding the tech stack and relaunch it right now: migrate existent customers, gain new ones and grow.

Challenges I ran into

tech stack, not fast and good enough development, legal issues, problematic customers

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

good sales, accumulated learnings in the field, understand processes, network

What I learned

tons; in summary: to better walk the thin line between featuritis (Don Norman) and managing complexity

What's next for Sanasoft

We plan to launch 4 months before the plan a feature we planned for autumn 2020 because it is needed now with the COVID situation.

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android, c#, ios, java, mongodb, mysql, node.js, qt

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