'Savok', Thai name, means disciples. We believe that Christians could find mentors to help them to walk with Jesus, achieve righteousness, and eventually become like Christ. Since the COVID-19 outbreak caused difficulty in face-to-face mentoring, we created a web application named 'Savok' for mentoring. This allows the members to find out available, typical mentors through it.

How we built it

After we started to survey response rate of our Facebook Ads. We found a high number of engagement. Therefore, we developed the web application, which has components as below:

  • UX Research,
  • Designing user interfaces, by Adobe Photoshop and Figma.
  • Developing the web application, by PhP language and SQL database.
  • Developing SMS notification function for user alarm.
  • Developing video call function by TokBox (3rd Party).

Challenges we ran into

  • As a Thai people, we need to overcome language barrier and understand global churches context more.
  • Different users' background may lead to an issue of concern in using the application. For instance, Thai users are not familiar with Video call that users and their partner must click the button in the website in order to start the Video Call. Therefore, we plan to develop the application to improve the Video call function that allows users to Video call to partner, and the partner can receive the Video call suddenly, don't need to access the application.

What we learned

  • In an isolated time, there is a huge need for human connection even via the Zoom call.
  • During the system test, we perceived that there were a huge number of believers looking for mentors. For this reason, we may conclude that the Savok web application platform is satisfied with Christians. Unexpectedly, the web application not merely impact to target group, but it also draw attention of non-christian to use the web application. ## What's next for Savok

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