Inspiration: I (Roshan) was talking to family and friends who have local businesses and were completely confused by existing loan information. They were stuck on long phone calls without any real answers and a lot of shooting in the dark. This is a really tough time for everyone and small businesses are seriously impacted. We wanted to help those in our community.

What it does: Based on the users answers, the quiz will help determine which loan is best fit for the small business. (however- Keep in mind we are not legal counsel. This should be used as a guide.)

How I built it: We used typeform to create the quiz and embedded it onto Google Sites using HTML.

Challenges I ran into: We purchased the domain so we are figuring out how to link that to the google sites.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: Parsing through the all of the existing SBA loan and documentation to understand what each loan does and who it was for was the most time crunching part and creating the quiz to properly jump to the correct answers/questions.

What I learned: Hard work pays off, especially when you know it's going to benefit a lot of people.

What's next for SBA Loan Guide Helper: We want to get a lot of traffic into our website especially from those who do need the help. We hope the quiz guides them into the right direction and we can make a small impact on their future. Once it does gain popularity we hope to expand the website and re-do the interface.

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