Greater good.

What it does

Flatten the curve. Better education.

How we built it

With love :)

Using the most up to date technologies in web-development including: -Typescript (Frontend) -.NetCore 3.1 -SqlServer  -project based on MVC Framework

Challenges we ran into

Coordinating a team of volunteers with different skills.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Created a solution that can have an impact and an interactive platform in 48h.

What I learned

Collaborating with different stakeholders.

What's next for School at Home

Creating a backend and incorporating an AI.

Links explaination

Link nr 1: Angular webseite source code Link nr 2: Mockup of website. Link nr 3: Entity relation proposal Link nr 4: PPT PRESENTATION! IMPORTANT

and finally video link

Try It out



.netcore, angular.js,, c#, html, node.js, npm, scss, sqlserver, typescript, visual-studio

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