The current pandemic had the four of us stuck at home without any real way of doing anything together.  After starting our first full week of online classes using Zoom, we thought it would be cool if we could maybe try and create a "Zoom-lite" that is entirely web-based.  Having more potential options for hosting video and lecture calls allows professors to have an array of resources to better help host online classes with ease.  We believed that if we could try and implement School Share we could assist the various Universities and Public Schools across the world and the country in alleviating the transition to online classes and lectures.

Though Zoom worked rather well, the clunky transition between the Zoom application itself and the link was quite annoying at times, and we hoped to create a website that could remove that disconnect.

What it does

Our website has the basic functionality of a sign-up and login page, along with showing off people in your room and uploaded videos by the community or a professor, which we hope to implement at a later time.  The website in a way is a proof of concept in having a completely browser-based system.

How we built it

We had two "unofficial" teams for the development of SchoolShare.  One for front-end, and one for Back-end, but everyone in the team interchangeably worked between the Website Design and the Backend Databasing and Javascript.

Challenges we ran into

There were numerous challenges we had faced in our time in developing the web site.  From both the Front-end and Back-end numerous ideas and features we wanted to implement were blocked by necessary APIs that costed more money out of our means.  That, alongside with scheduling issues since we were all students located in different parts of the Eastern Seaboard.  But from these challenges, we really learned and tried our best demonstrating the knowledge we learned in web development and application, from people who didn't have much experience in that aspect.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're honestly really proud of the formatting of our website and design.  For something rather ambitious with many different features we wanted to implement in such a small time span, we were able to have a working product that utilized the Google Cloud to host our website along with new languages, APIs, and frameworks we had little exposure to.

What we learned

A variety of web development skills and frameworks, learning how to navigate various problems involving intrinsic design and how to navigate through project problems with teamwork and communication.

What's next for SchoolShare

We hope to develop SchoolShare into a long-term project that hopefully will have all of the functions and features we wanted for a fluid, navigable, and academic website that professors and teachers can use for both live and video-recorded lectures.

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