Save lives in 3 steps: commit, confirm, and celebrate!


Wiseman says Data says "if 10% of your country did your steps, there would be ~40.000 fewer deaths from COVID-19 over the next two months."

Behind numbers, there is life. And with life comes happiness. We need to feel happy for being helpful while we solve the global COVID-19 crisis. Sevalife is a simple chat that helps you take responsibility for solving the Pandemic by performing daily little steps. Small actions from you, your friends, and your community can measurably decrease the expected number of infections and deaths in your country.


Before the Global hackathon, we developed a basic version of our chatbot at Hack for Denmark. The chatbot asked questions about your daily life. It helped you commit and confirm a few simple steps people take throughout the day to reduce exposure to getting infected and used a basic, visual model.

During the Global Hackathon, we improved the chatbot by adding three additional features:

  1. Support for multiple languages in the chatbot: English, Spanish, French, and Italian.
  2. State of the art, accurate epidemiological model (SEIRS) using public data for France, Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The model estimates the positive impact as the number of lives saved by daily actions.
  3. Invite friends and see their effect on a leaderboard.

Going forward

We plan to continue by validating the chatbot with users, first in our countries, as we add more languages.

We plan to improve the flows to increase motivation by following a hook model [Nir Eyal]: triggers, actions, variable rewards, investments such that people can become more engaged.

We plan to get help from healthcare and governmental bodies and businesses who can help us build the platform further as we collect valuable data from anonymous participants.

Collect more complex, but easy to obtain, information besides the number of people by using a combination of self-reported and technology-reported activities of daily life to help improve current models estimating social isolation.


Our team thinks globally, and we want this to be helpful for a lot of people over the world across national, cultural, and technological barriers. We use a simple platform as Messenger for a complex purpose.

While becoming a secure data source of information for research and society, we imagine Sevalife collaborating in the future with authorities implementing policies against our microscopic enemy.

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chart.js, chatfuel, javascript, node.js

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