Before human using currency, people get what they need by exchanging food. Rice farmers exchange rice with hunter to get some meats. Boar hunters exchange meats from farmers to get some potatoes and onions.  During the crisis and disaster, we cannot buy anything we want. In Covid-19, we heard the stories about some people got a lots of toilet paper but some don't. some people got a lots of water bottle but some don't.What if that two group exchange toilet paper with water bottles?

What it does

The web app is a zip code base. It will ask user what they need and what they want when the user register. In the home page, it will show the other neighbors within zip code with items they have. If you have some disability or you cannot go outside, you can ask the neighbor you are exchanging to come to your home. Since it is zip code based, you will know the person so it is safe. Yes, it is that simple.

How I built it

I use create react app to make a basic template. With Html, Css and JS with node.js and some libraries.

Challenges I ran into

I am trying to implement map GUI to show users who they can exchange with pin. Like google map showing restaurants around you. I am using Mapbox and my map is not showing for some reasons. I am still trying to figure it out.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I created example users and search box which you can search users according to the zip code.Also, I created sign in, register and sign out features for the page.

What I learned

At first, I thought I am ready to create a web app by my self. However, I realized that there are so many thing I did not know about web development.

What's next for sharelife

I will try to make this web app to show a demo with a map GUI.



css3, github, html5, javascript, node.js, npm, react

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