Although the crisis causes suffering for many among us, we strive to look at the greater message of the situation. The crisis is the chance to finally initiate or implement the changes that are truly essential for a more sustainable future. What could be more inspiring than creating a more joyful and prosperous future? The covid19 situation has also created some kind of spiritual crisis, with people facing their own. This has led to a forced instrospection for many people, and most of the time difficult to live because we don’t have the tools to correctly go through this process. What about proving a tool to do so then?

What it does

The sharing is caring platform inspires you to a better life, gives you a lot of inputs where and how to start and leads in the end to a better community.  Our solution is here to answer this lack of complete know-how with a database of well-being material.  The aim is to understand yourself better and pursue human values that could make the society better.

How we built it

Once we got our challenge assigned, we invested enough time to get an understanding of the challenge and analyzing the problem before we moved into possible solutions which led to the Sharing is Caring Platform. Our team was a perfect fit since we all agreed on the fact that we need to focus on qualitative values rather than on quantitative values. Less is more. We focused on the true needs rather than the unlimited wants.

Challenges we ran into

Our creativity was overwhelming - so we came up with a huge variety of ideas. Narrowing the ideas down to one common concept within 48 hours was pretty challenging - but at the end very satisfying and motivating. Another challenge was not getting lost in the discussions. On the other hand these discussions were leading to new insights we could take for further developing our ideas. Not being physically together was making it more difficult to interact and seeing reactions. Chances are high to lose relevant information.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We are proud that we managed to get a good reflection of our society. We are proud of the good communication within the team. We are proud of surfing on the same wave together. We are proud that we managed to adapt and work on a project / concept which was very open and still found a way to come up with a solution.

What we learned

The sum is defintively bigger than its parts. Teamwork is amazing, engaging and termendously inspiring. It was just another experience that showed that cooperation is the only way to solve the many challenges in the world.

What's next for Sharing is Caring Platform to contribute to a happier world

Further Research for aligning the idea / concepts. Understand our consumers needs.  Finding resources for content, guidelines, videos, checklist, webdesign, financing, pilot, launch

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