Millions of students haven't been able to go to school in the past month!

What it does

It helps teachers create content, it organizes it and makes it easy for students to find

How we built it

We built a demo in 2 days during #hackTheCrisisAlbania

Challenges we ran into

We had to come up with a model that makes it self sustainable economically while still making all content free. And we solved it by introducing a bissness model that involves private 1-on-1 classes for students who want to book a teacher, this way they can also earn money by teaching from home.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

we won #hackTheCrisisAlbania and now we are stepping up to globalHack Euronews:

What we learned

Talk to mentors, they will always poke holes and make your idea stronger. Validate validate validate, talk to teachers and students.

What's next for


Hire more people, expand, test, build!

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