Based on the existing website, we seek to establish a sustainable local plattform for small entrepreneurs to run business now and after the crisis. Special focus will be given to service providers who need support in expanding their business to digital channels while leveraging their personal local touch.


Small local companies and self-employed are confronted more than others with a sudden business breakdown and are forced to improvise digital service. Many great initiatives came up to give SME a plattform to sell their products online and gain visibility. Unfortunately, they all lack of the critical mass of offers and provide only limited search options for consumers. In addition, they give no visibility to B2B suppliers as designers, coaches or maintenance professionals.

How we want to solve it strenghtens local shopping. The online-plattform can be used during this lockdown (or others), but it will also support digitization and networking of small business after the crisis. The entrepreneurs are guided to offer and demand additional services (e.g. repair works, deliveries, vouchers). They can search for consultants or share ressources with other SME in a structured, search friendly way. Finally, we seek to harmonize database structures with other initiatives as to achieve the critical mass of providers and foster cooperation.

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