What it does

Given the unavoidability of people who are part of risk groups visiting supermarkets and pharmacies, measures need to be taken in order to minimize their exposure and risk for infection while doing so. Therefore, our goal is answering the following question: how could we minimize the chances of infection of members belonging to a risk group when they go out and shop, given the difficulty of preventing such displacement? Our answer to this issue is the introduction of “corridors,” providing members of risk groups the necessary safety when procuring the needed everyday goods.

Accomplishments that we proud of

In the last 48 hours we managed to:

  • phrase easy-implementable but still effective solutions
  • talk to experts about feasibility of our recommendations
  • write a dossier with detailed suggestions

What we learned

-Searched for long term solutions and verified them with people in affected professions (store managers, pharmacists, retail staff) -Created a manual as a theoretical approach for retailers


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