During the lockdown, it is becoming very difficult to get any necessary items such as medicine, grocery, food, etc because markets and other places are all closed down. Online delivery is also not functioning and it is getting increasingly harder for people to stay in quarantine as the resources start running out. To solve this problem we decided to build a platform via which a user will be able to broadcast his requirement for an item to nearby people who would be able to help him out.

This application is not limited to the current lockdown but is also going to be relevant in times of any crisis.

What it does

  • Allows a user to broadcast a message stating what he needs to everyone nearby.
  • An user will be able to check all nearby requests raised and filter them on the basis of priority/category. The priority will be determined by the application. For instance, someone requiring a medicine will be considered a higher priority request.
  • Anyone around the requester can connect with the broadcaster to provide aid.
  • Any organizational body will be able to look at requests raised in a location and other details like quantity of items and plan on how to solve the problems of people in a given area.
  • The app aims towards connecting people who need help to those that can provide it.

How does it solve the problem

Right now or during any emergency, people can find it hard to get their message across since their social groups or their contacts in Whatsapp, Facebook, etc might not be in a reachable distance or might not be equipped with the resources to help. This app works to make the requirement of people known to nearby people and those who can help with quick mitigation.



android, firebase, kotlin

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