Inspired by the thoughts of helping the humanity to overcome the challenge.

What it does

It's a social network which provides the opportunity to help each other, be aware of all helpful information, tracks the infected areas to avoid contacting, establishes the platform to organize the aid provision for infected by not ifected (food, medicine, charities, mental, etc).

How I built it

This application will be contracted using Flask framework

Challenges I ran into

We have difficulties to integrate Google Maps API in our framework.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

save lifes with the help of such connectiviy

What I learned

The communication between people especially under crisis conditions is very essencial.

What's next for

platform for connectivity and fast reorganizing in case of any further challange;  connectivity between people not depending on specialities to be aware of every related topic.



apache, flask, google-maps-apis, python

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