I was on a self imposed isolation during the spring break when the city of Savannah hadn’t yet mandated shelter-in-place despite the rising number of COVID-19 cases. Going outside was risky since I couldn’t know which areas were infected and which weren’t. I figured a way to find out.

The app provides locations of the areas where infected users had visited in the last 3 days. It also has a 'personal' mode that shows which infected areas the user had been to in the last 2 weeks. There is no ‘login’ screen in the app so it never collects the names or emails of users which makes the location and health data anonymous.

The visual prototype was designed in Figma and animated in After Effects. The actual app is being built using React.js and Google Maps.

I was concerned about the possibility of panic caused by the app's "Personal Mode". I didn't know if people really wanted to know if they been in infected areas in the past. To solve this problem I did a survey. I learned that even though this data might make people feel anxious, over 95% of the people want to know and be prepared for what's coming.

I want to add a timeline feature to the personal mode so it provides a better view of the travel history. I have a finished visual prototype but I am working on finishing the final functional product.

Lastly, I want the collected anonymous location data to be used to analyze the spread of a pandemic and study people's movements in areas with and without lockdown.

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