Pulse is our answer to COVID-19. We drew inspiration from governments and businesses impacted by shut-down call-centers and now actively looking to engage with their citizens and customers, for different reasons.

Governments need to monitor the spread of the virus and go beyond high-level statistics. They need to go deeper, towards infection and transmission risk at a city and sometimes street level. They need to provide a way for citizens to self evaluate symptoms and use this information to monitor risk occurrence and spread.

Businesses, on the other hand, have lost access to their call-centers due to lockdowns. This means they need fast and simple ways of allowing customers to report issues, requests and basically get in touch.

In both cases, the solution requires more than a simple form.

Which brings us to how we built it:

Pulse starts with a form, but this form feeds into a Control Room that provides a holistic view of information coming from a government’s citizens or business's customers.

Going beyond this, we allow governments and businesses to take action based on information flowing through. For example, a citizen may want to receive a daily check-in to see how their symptoms are tracking. A customer may want to receive a confirmation SMS about a support issue they’ve raised. Forms can also be integrated with a government or customer’s existing CRM or ERP or any number of systems to fit into their extended processes.

Challenges we ran into was how to make this solution truly flexible and become an innovation playground for governments and businesses of all kinds.

To date, we’re proud of a few accomplishments: We have traction with a number of governments expressing interest including Australia, Qatar and Dubai. We have also won a number of awards including the National Telstra Innovation award and being the first Australian Government startup to have won government contracts with the Department of Health and Human Services.

We’ve learned a lot:  For example a range of customers have given us specific scenarios to accommodate including being able to handle multi scenario driven workflows as well as be able to help governments track the spread of COVID-19 more deeply.

Looking to the future we’re hoping to build on the amazing traction and feedback we have received so far and accelerate towards our first customer implementation in less than a week or two to capitalise on this window of opportunity.

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