Starting that cloth wearable technology is the future in Health 'care field. The project i introduce you, is based in create new clothes with a special temperature using wearable sensor technology that is using new materials to make clothes to protect our health from Covit 19. Analyzing technology in this scenary that now we are living in the whole world is neccesary by these times. Everybody know it's an aggressive illness Covit -19, that can infect any part of body. So all the clothes people re using now (clothes without any kind of smart technoligy) allow Covit 19 can infect hands, body and feet. It s time to a new revolution in  Smart Cloth Sensor Wearable Technology using new technology nd sensors to help peple be protect in someway until the science find a vaccine for Covit 19. Finally people will choose to take part in these new technologies for medical reasons.People need to work, to go out and continue working in the activities they do. This project is oriented in smart cloth sensor  wearable technology implementation and Health' s care means to promote the use of information technology in health' solution. To develop this project we adapt clothes sensor wearable technology( this type of clothes must have a special temperature with electrical device) cannot be supported by Covit 19, but the body of person can use it without feel this type oh high temperature with the necessary treatment of cloth. And then integrate with a mobile application through that application people will be monitorized all the time and health' s care personnel can know their vital signs, analyzing data any time, ensuring authenticity, integrity, confidentiality of data.It is possible to give a new technology contribution to medicine practice using the best practices in engineering,our purpose is the integration of health care and smart clothes sensor wearable technology. It approaches to support the complexity in health' care systems providing the best expertise where technology is involved. Finally we notice that re other industries like vehicle industry where the growth is exponentially, and the clothes re always in the same context just change models, designs but Smart cloth sensor wearable technology with (electrical device) it s a field in IT Technology to explore, research, to guarantee capability to get competitive advantage on health.



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