It is so clear that the idea of Coronavirus spreading is a catastrophe. So, as a student in the faculty of engineering, I decided to make a change. So, I formed a team under the name "Changneers" like "change+engineers",  so engineers make the change. So, we decided to make a smart disinfection unit, not just a normal one.

What it does:

It's formed from a cabin or path the people will path from, with a device (unit's brain) can do these features; (Measure the person's temperature, automatically disinfect him when passing by detecting motion using PIR Sensor [the disinfecting by the droplets that the fogger machine makes, which spreads to cover all the cabin], THEN if the person's temperature is more than the natural value this is a too weak probability[this value is not accurate but it may help with the coming steps in the cabin] that this person may be infected, so the device will ask this person (by voice) to raise his National ID to be scanned, and automatically take a photo for him, and if there is not an ID the device will ask him to insert his contact [phone number] by Keyboard, at the same moment the device will give an alarm to the observer [a specialized person besides the cabin to follow the process up] that there is a case needs concern, after that the device will turn on the fogger machine to fill the cabin with so many droplets [fog] to disinfect the person and the cabin itself, then the most important thing is coming now, here it is {Using the technology of the Microcantilever Sensors we can take a sample of this person's saliva, hence by checking this sample by the microcantiliver sensor, the result MAY be like that [ "When the Coronavirus positive sample is injected into the fluid cell where the microcantilever is held, the microcantilever bends upon the recognition of the Coronavirus by the antiserum on the surface of the microcantilever.But, the negative sample that does not contain Coronavirus did not cause any bending of the microcantilever''. SOURSE: (PDF) Detection of feline coronavirus using microcantilever sensors. Available from: [accessed Apr 09 2020].]}. NOTE: This idea need more research and we are working on). So , by all these features in the cabin we can gather some important data about this person, hence we have integrate a module with arduino to upload all these data to a host, hense by linking this host with the Health Ministry, and our device will search for the nearest hospital to send these data to it, and hence the device will show the hospital location and all the medical data that the person may need to reach this hospital, hence we will test the people outside the hospitals and hence no need to the negative pressure room, and the potential of exposing a lot of other healthcare workers.

How I built it:

I've integrated some Arduino features (IR sensor, PIR sensor, Voice modules with Arduino, Keyboard option, a lot of IoT, and Networking, fogging machine, and finally a solar cell system to make it self-Powerd)

Challenges I ran into:

Finding the best disinfectant[Solution], integrate Arduino features, Hosting, and Networking.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of:

A very good research methods, learn about a lot of IoT.

What I learned:

Arduino, research methods, solar cells energy, circuits, design.

What's next for Smart Disinfection Unit:

Link the data with Health ministry, integrate a solar cell system well, complete Arduino features.

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