I’m head of Product at Phorena, a stealth hardware startup. We design new products for smart space in homes and offices. I discovered COVID-19 would survive much longer in 0-15 degree C and would be most infectious around 30-50% humidity.

COVID-19 can be spread in droplets and aerosols. According to scientific articles COVID-19 clings to the air pollutant surfaces in the environment. COVID-19 can survive in air for hours in normal condition and stay even longer at cold temperature in winter.

What it does

This Health Smart LED would monitor the ambient environment and alert you on the environmental risks of COVID-19. Our LED light would alert you the drop of the temperature, or your humidity are dropping before 50%, and it is time to open the window to get fresh air or turn on the air purifier. We can detect motions and warn you about unexpected motions. Keep you safe in your social distancing.

How we built it

We are a hardware team with experience in designing smart sensors. We have built 3 major versions of product prototyping to bring it closer to manufacturing production and product spec.

Challenges we ran into

Our small team heads down so much that we don’t have the social network to connect partners and to apply for Top hardware accelerators.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We upgrade our motion sensor from PIR to our own designed IR radar that is more accurate and reliable. We upgrade our dust sensor to PM sensor that is more accurate with reporting to PM2.5 and even PM1 and PM0.5.

What we learned

There’s no commercial LED light that would monitor your COVID-19 risks.

What's next

We are planning the Beta design at the stage of Design for Manufacturing (DFM). Our LED design would allow us to put them into monitoring your business, office and spaces.

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