objective: An estimated 4300 deaths happen everyday due to poor hospital management.

Out of 86 lakh deaths globally from conditions treatable by health care, poor quality care is responsible for an estimated 50 lakh deaths while the remaining 36 lakh deaths are due to poor access to health care, says the world’s first assessment of the quality of care by Universal health coverage (UHC) Some 2.4 million Indians die of treatable conditions every year, the worst situation among 136 nations studied for a report published in The Lancet.As a matter of growing concern , this solution is proposed.

What it does: The primary goal was to develop an approach of a real- world scenario of smart autonomous hospital management integrated with IoT, so that the healthcare professionals can monitor their patients, who are either hospitalized or at home using an IoT based integrated healthcare system with the view of ensuring patients are cared for better.

How I built it : My project mainly consists of three modules and they are the expert system analysis,workflow optimization and healthcare using IOT. Expert system analysis is a technology system that is designed to provide physicians and other health professionals with clinical decision support or assistance with clinical decision-making tasks.Expert system uses gradient classifier to correlate the different symptoms and make predictions.After the expert system analysis the next step is the workflow optimization. As the number of doctors available decreases and the patients in the waiting list increases. There is a need for an optimized workflow algorithm. so i developed a webpage using php and mysql for maintaining workflow

## Challenges I ran into: Time management is crucial for any project. You have to emphasize on your ability to keep the project on track. Explain what are the ways you are going to do this like setting milestones, reviewing the work and ensuring everything is falling in place so that the deadline is adhered to.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: This system helps all the entities of the hospital such as the physicians, nurses, patients and doctors easy access to all data and allows the patient to monitor his own condition using a Mobile application.

What I learned: i learnt a lot of new technologies i started to love Internet of things and learnt php and mysql.

What's next for SMART HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT WITH WORKFLOW OPTIMIZATION AND IOT: it inspired me to build plenty more systems and projects on hospital management provided the current situation we face its my duty as an engineer to contribute my part to the society

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