Clients need legal help during COVID-19, private individuals - family law and employment law, companies - tax law and state aid. From the other side, attorneys are not allowed to provide consultations in-person due to Covid restrictions and have restrictions to do it online due to know- your-customer and anti-money laundering regulations.

We come in with solution both for attorneys, to acquire clients properly / receive payment for service immediately, which helps them to continue practicing during COVID-19 restrictions, and for clients - to receive credible and good quality legal help remotely.

Our target audience are private individuals, SMEs willing to purchase legal service and attorneys willing to provide such assistance.

What it does

We plan to build an online lawyer consultation service, which brings together attorneys and private individuals/businesses. Consultations will be organised using video-calls.

Usage workflow from person/business side applying to consultation is pretty simple:

  1. Register and login to the platform;
  2. Fill consultation request form, specifying only two fields - country/state and legal area where help is needed - platform will respond with the list of lawyers who are ready to give consultation;
  3. Select lawyer from the list and date/time of consultation (lawyer working hours will be proposed);
  4. If lawyer is currently online and not busy, videocall should start immediately, otherwise you will get approval/reject from the lawyer to the email.
  5. Login to the platform a few minutes before consultation should start. Videocall will start automatically.

Usage workflow from lawyer side is even more simple:

  1. Register and login to the platform as lawyer;
  2. Fill info about your education and experience (not mandatory);
  3. Specify your approximate working hours (it will be offered to users applying to your  consultation);
  4. Wait until the consultation request appears. If you are currently online, you will get notification inside the platform and can start consultation immediately, otherwise you will get notification to the email and accept/reject links.

What do you want to build during the hackathon?

We already have a platform for legal document management  We plan to build our solution on top of the existing platform, leveraging login/registration and all security features.

During hackathon we plan to implement core of the new service:

  1. videocalls between lawyers and persons/businesses inside our platform;
  2. apply to consultation functionality;

We understand that time bounds are very tight, so we don’t plan to implement consultation planning and pricing features - by the end of the hackathon we plan to deliver MVP, which gives the ability to apply to lawyer consultation who is currently online and start consultation immediately.

Consultation planning and pricing features will be implemented after the hackathon.

How we built it


Challenges we ran into


Accomplishments that we're proud of


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angular.js, jitsi, kotlin;, kubernetes, microservices, node.js, scalable, videocall

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