We are a randomly gathered group who randomly found each other based on the research challenge the Bern Fachchochschule published on Versusvirus. The members of our group either  work at SMEs or are closely involved with working with them.  We know SMEs are going through a tough time and we are passionate to move their problems towards their best  solutions as soon as possible.

What it does

Our idea enables SMEs to network, identify their problems and find a good match for their needs through cross company, cross regional and cross industry peer collaboration or individual service support. The solution enables networking at a large scale, problem identification and needs matchmaking at the scale they need it. We are conscious about quick feasibility, to keep costs down and the need for a flexible solution. This is why we propose to integrate the solution into Digital Switzerland / Impact Hub "SME Innovation & Transformation"  initiative. The solution includes establishing a facebook "SME crisis community group" and a matchmaking "Versusvirus" platform.

  • Leverage existing VV-Platform/Toolset into SME Ecosystem to keep complexity low and time-to-market short => Organize a SME@VersusVirus
  • Boost peer group networking across companies, industries, cities and regions
  • Form Tables (teams) under the patronate of the respective professional associations
  • Tables can join online events, share best practices and find collaboration opportunities
  • SME@VersusVirus must be under the patronate of impactHUB and Digital Switzerland, while mentored by local Universities / FH and/or Digital Switzerland/ImpactHUB members

How we built it

We made a big effort to narrow down the project problem statement, backed by the research result from the Bern Fachhochschule. We used several technical sites to iterate several rounds of ideation for both the problem solving statement and the solution  building process. We tested the ideas and developed the prototype.

Challenges we ran into

The topic is complex and wide, we needed to go through an organised decision making process to narrow down and make decisions based on given information Communication technology was sometimes weak We do not have a coding capacity/skill in our group

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It is the first Hackathon for all of us, still we managed to get substantial help using technology, mentoring, testers, existing networks of the members and our own resources Although we are a randomly gathered group, we all could stay committed and engaged all through the weekend From zero we came up with a designed plan for a relevant and proven problem, that would bring value on the short and long term.

What we learned

Regardless of a preliminary time plan for the Hackathon, we need to pay more attention to how to structure activities We started using several virtual co-creating planning tools for the first time We learned to make decisions without striving for perfection

What's next for Resilient SMEs@VersusVirus

We are looking forward to the feedback to our solution idea!

Next 1) We check collaboration with Digital Switzerland, Impact Hub and BFH 2) We set up the platform in collaboration together 3) We promote on VV, Digital Switzerland, Impact Hub,, social media etc. 4) Launch + use!

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