We noticed that low-income individuals usually find more affordable options when if comes to mobile devices, such as flip phones. Unfortunately, these phones don't cater to the latest and updated budgeting apps! So we made a way. ## What it does: Our application is a text to database app to help individuals manage their finances and calculate their retirement plan

What it does

This app provides a budgeting service and retirement calculator. Especially for those who are low income.

How I built it

used a Java program to take input from the user about their financial situation, then used various tax brackets and other arithmetic to calculate how many years one can sustain after retirement based on their savings and how much they spend per year

Challenges I ran into

Initially, we attempted to implement a database and GUI service, but we ran into several issues implementing the database and tying the GUI and the logic together, namely when it came to waiting for inputs and then sending further prompts

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The vision became solidified even thought the thoughts of giving up resurfaced many times.

What I learned

Persistence and goal orientation keep the path strong

What's next for Finance

Production capable app

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