In a time where social distancing is critical to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we look to the future for ways to prevent massive crowd gatherings by creating solutions that will encourage students and teachers to remain safe and healthy through alternative environments and tools. We already have these capabilities but we are not thinking outside the box.

What it does

SnapBook is a prototype social experience that can be used by a single person, to augment an existing library of books and digitizing the traditional book into a new form of entertainment. You can keep track of how many books you have ' played' using SnapBook and see who of your friends from social media have read the book and what opinions they had.

How I built it

Some coffee, a laptop and a HoloLens. I used Vuforia in Unity for Image Detection and scanned the pages I needed for the book to augment. The HoloToolkit was used for hand tracking as well. The HoloLens was used to immerse the user into the digitized books.

Challenges I ran into

Facebook Graph API stopped working in the background because HolotoolKit is an older version of the MRTK, I temporarily removed the FacebookLogin.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Augmented Reality application
  • Participating in the hackathon
  • Sharing some of my ideas with the public.

What I learned

  • Incompatibility with certain APIs when hardware is fairly new and currently being iterated on can cause delays.
  • People are overworked and when they are allowed to some time away from work, it is like they have not experience freedom and have to go out and congregate.
  • We need plans in set and tools that will help us all do our own parts by keeping us on task or just simply in the safety of our home.

What's next for SnapBook

SnabBook is one of many activities planned for the SocialNetwork in Augmented Reality, We would like to integrate some curriculum with Textbooks and facilitate distance learning, as I know that I personally am a better learner when approached with visual content and I believe there is others like me. We would like to create content for when it is safe outdoors and provide activities with shared experiences in person.



c#, facebookgraphapi, holotoolkit, microsoft-hololens, unity

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