Our app is basically targeting the problem of insurance frauds or other criminals who are no longer out there or are trying to hide from the police, so it is difficult to find the actual location of those criminals because we don't have any creditable information about them, here our app will be a lot of help. In our app we just ask for the name and the photo of the criminal that is the bare minimum and usually available attributes, by using this information we are finding the social media presence of that person/criminal this is the most trustful way of finding there location as we know that nowadays people are excessively active on social media, people are everytime updating their social media whenever they go to any new place. Hence this will help us locate them easily. In order to solve this purpose we are scraping the data from various social media websites and then comparing the photo of the culprit using an efficient face matching algorithm.



css, flask, html5, javascript, mongodb, python, selenium

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