During the COVID-19 Pandemic Maintaining the Social Distancing and apply necessary precautions to prevent the violations of quarantine measures for any COVID-19 teste person is a huge challenge. We are trying our best to deliver the right solution.

Our Mobile App/Personal Tracker, BLE Wristband and Cloud Server based Tracking Software with AI-Powered face recognition System could be a better solution to break the Chain of spreading COVID-19.

What it does

Our Mobile app will offer a precise “close proximity contact” alert, contact tracing, and tracking history with important key features including essential services management utilities and a scoring system for E-Pass.

Our BLE Wristband for Self- Quarantine Individual During the COVID-19 pandemic, we need to control quarantine measures strictly. Because of an irresponsible COVID-19 test individual may leave the phone at Home or Hospital, and go outside without the permission of relevant authority and can violate the quarantine rules.

BLE (unique ID) wristband could be enforced by the Govt. to have to be worn by a quarantined person. And that wristband can’t be removed by the wearer until he/she breaks the seal. Bluetooth LE (unique ID) wristband will be connected with our mobile app. So if a self-Quarantine person breaks the seal of the wristband or leaves the specified zone without the app installed smartphone, the system will send an alert notification to the relevant authority with the person's ID and photo. Moreover, a person's movements may be detected on outside locations if cameras are installed on main locations and connected with our IA-Powered face recognition System.

We can provide a precise “close proximity contact” alert, contact tracing, and tracking history with important key features including essential services utilities and a scoring system to get Govt. E-Pass.

Close proximity contact alert, tracing, and tracking trip history: Into the system, users can create fixed virtual fencing for the premise of home, office, or hospital and also can create a self-moving virtual boundary to an individual's Smartphone or Tracker. Which is unique and effective.

Our solution is an all-in-one tracking system based on geofencing that can create self-moving virtual boundaries provide close proximity contact alerts, and also can trace the contact and travel history of a person if that person detected COVID-19 Positive later. With social distancing enforcement for all the citizens and the rising violations of government rules such as quarantine measures, our solution can be deployed to notify both the government and the user if any rules are violated. The tracker creates a virtual boundary along with precise GPS tracking and geofencing. Individuals tested positive for COVID-19 will be filtered and categorized into a separate group and the system can send alerts to other people if they are in close proximity. Our system will maintain a database of a person’s traveling history and person to person close contact details like, when he/she met with a person and how much time he spent with him/her on a particular location. In case if a person will be detected later as COVID-19 affected then it will be easier to trace other contacted people in the past or get a detailed report of the contact chain. There will be an alert for COVID-19 affected zones when a person is entering its radius. Many people who do not have a smartphone can use our custom and affordable hardware that they can keep in their pockets/wallets. People who already have smartphones can use our App.

User Permissions: During the app configuration system will ask user permissions for data privacy. Besides he/she can choose any data suitable option to store tracking history for example either he/she can choose cloud server or local storage memory of a mobile. If a person will choose local storage then the system will take acknowledgment of the data handling responsibility and the user will not erase the tracking log files from the local storage of mobile if the user will do this then the system will provide a lower grade score. The app will auto-start if the mobile device is turned ON. And users can’t disable a few permissions, for example, Internet Data, GPS, LBS, or Bluetooth.

Data Encryption User data will be encrypted and stored securely on the cloud server without breaching any privacy of user data.

Important parameters: Incase if the mobile battery is discharging and battery power reaches a certain level then the system can send battery charging reminders to the user and also can register in an event log file for the inspection if required by the authority. In case if no GSM network is available then APP will store the tracking data and useful parameters into the flash memory of mobile and as GMS/Wifi internet data will remain it will upload recorded data to the cloud server immediately.

How I built it

We have great experience in GPS Telematics Solutions. I use a sophisticated GPS tracking software System and Smartphone/Personal Tracker as a GPS Hardware.

Challenges I ran into

Fixed location-based geofencing on virtual maps is possible to create easily in the GPS tracking system. But our application will carry an innovative solution to provide a next-level moving virtual fencing which was not easy to develop and that can be useful for people to manage social distancing.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Our best effort and  contribution to providing a useful solution

What I learned

Moving Geofencing

What's next for Social Distancing Management System

Remote Temperature Monitoring: A wireless remote temperature sensor can be integrated with our app and can monitor human body temperature remotely if needed.

Essential Services management Utility: For daily essentials and groceries people go outside at the supermarket, grocery stores, and small shops. So this is very important to manage the public flow density and maintain social distancing on such common visiting points. We can provide an essential booking and pickup portal for users and shopkeepers as well.

So if any person requires any daily essentials of grocery items then he/she can create an order summary with our online portal (into the same app or web portal) with the name and quantity of items and similarly shopkeepers can also update their shop locations, selling items lists and prices with our portal including open and close timings. Then the user can place their order and during the order placing time system will ask him/her their own choice shop or sell pointer and accordingly, system can transfer that order with that seller priority and only if that seller will accept and block the order then system will send an order confirmation acknowledgment to the user and will move on the payment option then the user can choose online payment option or cash on handling after that system will move on next option to ask the seller if they have any doorstep delivery service and if they don’t then the user will need a self-pickup. And after receiving a notification from the seller for example your order is ready for the pickup. Then the user can go outside to pick up from the store location. Moreover before going outside users can also check public flow density for example how many people are currently available at that particular location by checking our online interactive maps.

In case if any choice seller will not respond to the placing order within a time period then after time out that order will be auto shifted to other nearby available sellers automatically and will show into the all similar items sellers window at same time and anyone seller can block that order based on blocking priority

The score Rating system will provide a score rating card to the user based on his/her activity and how he/she performs during the social distancing rolling and based on that Govt.can decide to provide work permission or ePass.

AI-Powered Face Recognition: if outside cameras are installed and integrated with our AI-Powered system then the system can detect quarantine persons and inform the authority and can alert the people for their specific location.

Applications: Our tracker can also be used by Police and local authorities to prevent violations of self-quarantines and home quarantined individuals, especially people with foreign travel history. Another major application of this could be in schools and universities as well for passengers in public transport.

Some Key features of our product include: ● Single-button SOS alert to family ● Fall detection ● Attendance system for corporate offices/co-working spaces, institutes, and large organizations like schools and colleges. ● Restricting entry to specific areas or spaces ● Family members can keep a track of where each member is traveling and can communicate if one ignores safety instructions. ● When a family member arrives at the door, members in the house will be notified to open the door to avoid contact on doorknobs. ● Parents can restrict their children's access to certain areas and track their movement if they go outdoors to play. ● Reminders to sanitize and follow guidelines after coming home from work. Information auto-syncs with the latest government guidelines. ● The System will provide a public flow interactive map to check public density on utility places such as grocery stores. A person can decide whether to enter a particular store or wait until the number of people decreases. ● Grocery stores and supermarkets can update their location into our application with their service name and working hours. Users shall be notified of any changes. ● Secure Chat



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