Coronavirus quick-spreading has forced nations to use all tricks in the book to contain it. A wide range of technologies has been used in their fight against the global pandemic, from applications that collect data to track the spread of the virus to 3D printed ventilators for hospitals.

As Ray Kurzweil said technology is the only thing that helped us overcome our problems, we use our tools to extend our range of possibilities, our minds, and our "mindwares", and as the philosophers, Andy Clark and David Chalmers talk about technology as a scaffolding that extends our thoughts, our reach, and our vision.

Driven by our passion for technology and with the increasing number of Coronavirus infections and the limited testing resources worldwide,  flattening the curve is only achievable through collaborative efforts and social  became a necessity to survive.

Social distancing implies changing our day-to-day routine to reduce close contact with others. While general social distancing's rules are easy to maintain on sidewalks, it can be more stressful for business owners in job sites and grocery stores. Moreover, it complicates the government's responsibility to  crowded active institutions and public places.

On this matter, we will address the problem of unmonitored crowds during the Hackathon by developing the SDSS as the abbreviation of the Social  Supervision System. It is a real-time computer software vision based on image processing to spot crowd density. The system will take as input real-life videos from different crowded places to analyze, identify, and report the measured distance status between presented individuals in the given frame. As a result, an alert will be sent to the supervisor in case of distance violation. Thus, preserving the social rules promoted by the world health organization.

Teamwork makes the dream work, but sometimes it can be a challenge. Especially when successful teamwork is all about connecting with teammates, and with a common goal or purpose. While remote work is physically possible, it’s not the optimal way for our team to engage.

As our daily lives are disrupted, we have learned to build our own routine and create a remote work ambiance and find time to laugh with each other. Communicating through a digital medium without shared physical context made developing the project more challenging especially with breaking up connectivity every once and a while, but we have managed to re-read what we wrote and what we explained and we have always ensured that all team members are on the same page and no assumptions were slipped through without noticing and those little tricks make a world of difference.

And eventually what we must learn and keep in mind is that we are at a pivotal point in history because now we've decommissioned natural selection, and we are now the chief agents of evolution and we have to maintain this position with all our collective efforts.

Our strong and endless will lies within the next steps with what we are planning for SDSS. That includes improving its ability for crowd detection and faster alerts. We also would like to build a Web and Mobile application to extend our use cases to make it useful by not only governments and business owners but also by simple individuals.

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angular.js, opencv, python

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