As we are a team consisting of coaches working in the education field of Switzerland and students currently in apprenticeship, we are aware of the difficult task to keep the students interested and motivated. Not only in this special situation, while they practice distance learning, but also at school or with homework. Motivation comes from succeeding a task or learning a new skill, so we thought of a way to interest children in learning new things. A platform that could inspire them to learn and achieve new skills, where they can share ideas, solutions and maybe even help each other out. A platform where they can compete with their classmates or other children by learning new abilities. A platform where children still can be graded, learn and, with teamwork, stay connected.


This platform will be available for teachers, parents and children from 8-18(20) years of age. The objective is to give the children a playful way to learn and achieve new skills. The platform will be gamified so that students will get experience points (XP) for each skill they gain, and as well as achievements for reaching objectives (e.g. after completing a task). There will also be tests, quizzes and challenges that they can complete. But the most important part is the feedback feature. If students cannot are stuck in a task and cannot proceed, they can support and help each other out. They can also ask questions and even see which classmate already succeeded with a particular task. We want to encourage them to ask questions and to seek for help if they need it, this is why they can also achieve points by helping others out and asking questions. Teachers and parents will be able to track the progress and check statistics such as individual progress, collaboration effort and so on.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We are proud of all the things we were able to create in this short amount of time. We talked together and thought of problems our society would face during those difficult times but also what the future will bring. What if something like this will reoccur?  We gathered our experience and evaluated the situation we found ourselves in these past few weeks and came up with an idea we all wanted to create with the same amount passion. We are also proud of all the other ideas we couldn’t put into the prototype, that might be future features.

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