Implementing social distancing is hard because at some point people would need to go out and get stuff otherwise such items would need to get delivered to large numbers of people. How do people move out such that social distancing is maximized and potential scrambles are eliminated? How do we queue up deliveries in a non-commercial manner in times of social distress?

What it does

We help schedule movements like going out to get  groceries in a way that maximizes social distancing. Organizations can also use the Social Timetable to queue and deliver both paid and free relief materials in a way that the people most in need get resources first.

Some features

  • Resource sharing
  • Movement timetable
  • Item shop locator + timetable slots [Find where to get something and when to go get it]
  • Good exchange center [See items other people have that you need and exchange something with them]
  • Charity pickup center [See items people have donated and pickup something you need]
  • Control centers [Check out map of distress centers]

How I built it

This project was implemented using

  • Laravel for code
  • Google Maps Locations
  • Docker + Digital Ocean for architecture ## Challenges I ran into I ran into the hackathon really late, after pondering on my idea thinking about how to best implement it was a real challenge. I experimented several different schemes, arrangements and workflows. Well I ended up doing something really simple (for a start).

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I proud, I was able to at least make this entire submission.

What's next for Social Timetable

As a social project making the social timetable a documented project for open source development is top on the agenda.

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digitalocean, docker, google-maps, laravel, linux

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