\ About SoDi \

Can you remember everyone you’ve been within 6 feet of over the past 14 days? And by everyone, we mean everyone. Odds are, you probably can’t. That’s why we built SoDi. SoDi is an application that helps you keep track of everyone you’ve recently interacted with and enables you to easily notify them if you begin experiencing COVID-19 symptoms. You can receive notifications from this network as well, ensuring you will know for sure if that stranger you briefly interacted with 13 days ago at the grocery has the virus.

\ What inspired us \

In the age of coronavirus, it’s increasingly clear that social distancing is important in slowing the spread of the disease. However, we’ve noticed that a lot of essential business (such as walking outside, buying groceries, and picking up medication at the pharmacy) is practically impossible to conduct without being within 6 feet of strangers. If any of us start to experience symptoms, how would we be able to notify these people?

\ What we learned \

Anonymization is important! Our family and friends were hesitant with our first few iterations of SoDi because they felt too much information was being shared with others. By only sharing a username (which we encourage to be non-descript) and a timestamp, you can still benefit from your SoDi network without compromising security.

\ How we built \

Our UX prototype was built using Sketch. We will be coding this app on the React Native framework with AWS on the backend.

\ Future Additions \

We recognize that even for extroverts, asking strangers to scan a QR can be really awkward, and thus make our networks less robust when people opt not to interact with SoDi. To remedy that, we plan to extend our interactions feature by including an automatic bluetooth detection of people near you with the SoDi app open. Finally, we hope to extend our notification center by including recommended action based on the symptoms you, and your network are experiencing.




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