SoSpesa: make a difference in times of need.

«When someone is happy for some reason, instead of paying for one cup of coffee, the one they would drink, they pay for two: one for them, and one for the next customer. It's like offering a cup of coffee to the rest of the world...»                                                                                                                           - Luciano De Crescenzo, "Il caffè sospeso"

In times of need, a small deed of kindness can truly make the difference. The beautiful Italian tradition of the caffè sospeso (pending coffee) is what inspired us in creating SoSpesa: our user powered platform to manage grocery shopping, facilitate sharing, and encourage solidarity in these times of crisis.

SoSpesa is made of people and by people. In an historical moment in which we are fighting a war through each of our actions, and staying inside is an act of courage, SoSpesa allows to virtually cross the walls imposed by social distancing and to sustain and support the communities we relish. SoSpesa tackles three main areas of action:

Storing and sharing information: avoiding overcrowding spaces and unnecessary movements is hard, but essential. SoSpesa helps with that in two ways: by saving and displaying your information (grocery list and storage), to help you keep everything in mind and spare that extra trip to the supermarket to get the flour or the eggs you forgot.  SoSpesa also allows you to easily signal whether first-necessity products such are these are available where you are shopping, to make your and everybody's trips targeted, fruitful, and safe.

Sharing links: for vulnerable individuals, like elderly people, children, or people with underlying health conditions, just going out is a risk. Shielding them from danger might mean something as simple as getting their groceries for them. Can you? With SoSpesa, you can look at people around you in need of help. Just get their groceries or their medicines for them and leave them on their doorstep. Take care of yourself, and take care of each other.

Sharing resources: like in the tradition of the "caffè sospeso", or of the "paniere sospeso", a hanging bucket where «who has, can leave, who doesn't, can take». The Covid-19 crisis has only made it more difficult for millions of people across the world to provide to their most basic needs, and to make ends meet. This is not a shame, but a hardship that we believe can be relieved through mutual support. If you need, select a shopping point near you, and anonymously ask for the products you wish. Receive an individual QR code, and get them. If you can, "sospendi": look at what is needed, and pay for that packet of biscuits, bag of milk, sack of potatoes. Be kind, share.

SoSpesa is our idea to ignite positive change and to foster the links that make us human.  The Covid-19 crisis is a challenge that is proving harder every day. Social distancing has resulted in the interruption of countless productive activities, with millions of jobs lost and millions of other at risk. Countless families  face an uncertainty that seems hopeless. And yet, day by day, people all across the world prove it is not: it is their acts solidarity, their ways of sharing, the support they are providing, and the links that are creating that are sparking a light in these dark times. It's individuals, like you and me, that are making a difference. But we dream big: SoSpesa is adaptable, scalable, and ideally developable so as to function as a sustainable platform for individuals as well as for for business, philanthropic organisations, and civil society to receive and provide support in any situation, and to lift people up on a long scale.

Because we are far apart, but we are not alone.



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