We are Thomas Amberg, Gabriela Chicherio, Christophe Imbaud and Laura Laks from Souvenir Scent.


Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the tourism industry everywhere has been decimated. Borders are closed and traveling has become much more difficult. Souvenir Scent is an online travel platform to discover or rediscover scents. You can choose a tour and experience online travel delights from lakeside walks in Zürich to snowy mountains in Switzerland to bog hikes in Estonia. You can also just order a virtual souvenir - a 3D printed molecule of your desired smell. One of our inspirations for including smells in the journey is because SARS-CoV-2 might lead to a temporary or even long-term altered sense of smell (Brann et al. 2020). We believe that the sense of smell is an important part in enjoying a tour. The strength of the scent idea lies in the imagination. Smells can carry us away, beyond language, age, and country borders.

Sources:  Brann D, Tsukahara T, Weinreb C, Darren WL, Datta SR. 2020. Non-neural expression of SARS-CoV-2 entry genes in the olfactory epithelium suggests mechanisms underlying anosmia in COVID-19 patients. bioRxiv Prepr.

What it does

Souvenir Scent is a website that allows you to find locals or people in the tourist industry, who want to show you the most exciting parts of their region! Without crowds and in the comfort of your home you can connect with people from all over Europe and see interesting places. The tours can be anything you want - from a walk in Lavender fields in the Provence to dog walking near Lake Lucerne. To remember the experience, we offer you the possibility to order a 3D printed scent molecule and the scent of your tour.  FAQ: What do I do if I do not want to book a tour? You can always just order a scent and let the scent take you away. What do I do if I already have a 3D printer and want to print it myself but still want the scent? Use our option to download the molecule and order just the scent.  What do I do if I do not want a 3D printed object but I still want a souvenir from my awesome virtual, sensorial trip? We also offer the option, where we send you a postcard with a scent! So there is something for everyone.

How I built it

The Website is built with HTML, CSS and simple Javascript, based on Mapbox, hosted on AWS S3. See for source code, 3D models and licensing details (we use MIT license & CreativeCommons).

Challenges we ran into

No challenge is too great to change the world.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We worked as a completely transdisciplinary team - a biologist, a marketeer, a software engineer and an industrial designer. We discussed a lot and could integrate different ideas into one concept. We researched the composition of different scent molecules, constructed them in CAD, made 3D printed models and a website.

What we learned

We learned a lot from each other's fields.

What's next for Souvenir Scent

Souvenir Scent is here to revolutionize the tourism industry in Switzerland and abroad and help people during and after the crises because of climate change and flight shame. Our future goals are:  to change people's minds about what virtual tourism can become - a multi-sensory, poetic experience; to continue educating people on scents and science; to work together with fragrance producers, researchers, and startups that work in smell detection and visualization.

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