People experiencing symptoms should not be forced to work and potentially infect others just to make enough money to put food on the table. We need people who are sick to stay home, and we can come together to sponsor meals for those who want to isolate and self-quarantine but can't afford it.

The inspiration from this project came from the work that I used to do with NYC Basket Brigade when we would hand out 1000's of Thanksgiving Day meals to families in need, and it felt like these people definitely could use some help during these difficult times.

What it does

This project was designed to be a simple project with the potential for immediate impact to those who need it most. It also helps us slow the spread of the virus by helping the vulnerable community stay home when sick.

The website we built allows us to do the following:

  1. We collect donations to sponsor meals for those who are sick.
  2. We receive requests from families and inviduals in need so that we can send Food Baskets to help them stay home during quarantine.

What I Learned

This is my first time using any "no code" tools, so it was a giant learning curve. I wanted to built some quickly and efficiently that could have an immediate impact on getting food to the people most in need.

How I Built It

This entire project was built without writing a single line of code. I leveraged platforms like Unstack, Zapier and Typeform to integrate with Stripe and Airtable so that I could quickly accept payments, create a database for Donations and Basket Request records, and be able to facilitate the delivery of the Food Baskets based upon those requests.

Challenges I Face

There were several instances where I was limited by the constraint of not writing any code. I wanted to create a product that looked good, so the design elements were a bit of a challenge to mix and match to get them to do what I wanted. I also ran into an issue with getting Stripe up and running as they have a several day delay to get new businesses approved. I used an existing Stripe account from a separate business I own which will be a nightmare for taxes, but totally worth it :)

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