Two of the team members have risk management backgrounds and were keen to focus on this challenge.  Other participants from the health sector, economics, physics and management also were attracted to the cause.  We have been working for start-ups, SMEs and feel like they're the ones suffering the most from this pandemic, while they did everything right. How come? They lack the manpower and know-how to respond to it. How can we change this?

We want the well prepared firms to share their knowledge with others. The SDGs support principals of community sharing which we expect to increase knowledge spread. #StrongerTogether

What it does

The solution comes in the form of an open source, crowdsourcing platform aiming to share best practices among SMEs with a view to helping them be better prepared in the future.

How I built it

We chose to build the prototype in Python Django because it allows teams to quickly build a working prototype in a limited time frame. Further mockups for new were also drawn up using pencil and paper.

Challenges I ran into

Gathering a team was quite time consuming. Half of the initial team members never showed up and it took the best part of the Friday to recruit team.  We didn't designed our team to have all the skills required before starting the challenges so we had to improvise and learn new skills to fill the gaps.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We're proud of having created a dynamic team operating effectively in a short period of time.  Over the past 48 hours we managed to achieve a lot including mockups, and proof of concept, as well as a slick video and presentation delivered well on time!

What I learned

We learned how to use different technical tools including Slack, Google Drive, Zoom, video creating, mockup site creating, communication tools, etc.

What's next for Spreading Best Practices

New challenges! :laughing: Early adopters, technical support, data and funding. And of course a motivated community that shares our values and is ready to share their best practices!




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