'All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players’ as William Shakespeare said, from the audience that sits on their chairs to live an experience to the artist that creates and steps on the stage to give it all. Today this stage is empty, audiences and artists cannot meet because COVID-19 has locked us at home. However, digital platforms open new alternatives for us to create innovative ways and languages for performing arts thus keeping this connection that make us humans. Performing arts can be a cure, an escape that allows people to overcome lockdown."Life beats down and crushes the soul and art reminds you that you have one” is what Stella Adler remind us. Ok, let's create something.


COVID-19 has drastically changed our daily activities, even entertainment and the performing arts are being interrupted in both attending and performing and also on the creation process because of social distancing. Alternatives are being needed not only as a form of distraction for audiences but also as a sustainable industry for performers and creators for Peru and the whole world.

What it does:

STAGE is a digital platform that provides creators and artists a space to generate and offer their contents such as: theater plays, live music, dance performances, etc. It will also serve as a meeting point for co-creation of their projects allowing the interaction with other multidisciplinary artists globally. The result of this work will be available for users through a fee on the billboard that will offer live shows, customized content and even interactive entertainment. Due to this we can solve the problematic of social distancing and the economic crisis of the performing arts industry caused by COVID-19.

How I built it:

STAGE will be developed with new technologies supported on cloud servers and relying on available applications on the market that can provide functionality according to our need.

Challenges I ran into

From the artistic point of view: We know that the experience starting from the creation of it and attending to one won’t be exactly reliable on a digital level, however we consider that we are creating a new category and language of performing arts content that can revolutionize the industry. Copyright and legal terms will have to be contemplated. We are researching all fronts necessary for the solution to work without problems.

What's next for STAGE

At first it is important for us to launch an MVP for users and then amplify its use in all performing arts providing more options for both the public and the artists.



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