After seeing the real effects of the virus in Italy and how the government was struggling to keep people indoors, I thought I should make something to help people stay indoors voluntarily without having to engage in run battles with the police. Then my Colleague Macdonald Sagala showed me a decision tree diagram he got from twitter which was of help to curve directly to the solution.

What it does

The application asks you if you are home, and a congratulation message pops up for the good work you have done, if you are not, you get another message that asks you to go home and stay away from the virus.

How I built it

I designed a simple UI with html5 and css3 as a startup to experiment this.

Challenges I ran into

Writing code on time to pick information of the people who visits the site, the current code I have has bugs, so I use google analytics to see the page visits while am working on the internal code.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The current code works an am going to release it to the public to see if it gains traction.

What I learned

As long as the app gives the basic solution, let people use it as you improve on it, because it might help save live.

What's next for Stay Home

We want to release it to the public, to help curb spread of the virus and save lives. we also look to adding more solutions on it.

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css3, html5

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