I was recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and I have since realized how important it is to take our mental health into consideration in order to achieve better results. Right at the beginning of the shelter in place, I started experiencing anxiety and I was afraid it would end up being a trigger for a depressive episode. It was then that I thought about being able to create a routine of healthy habits that can distract me from that moment, but still stay on top of the relevant information. I am privileged to be able to have access to mental health professionals as a therapist and psychiatrist, but I know that not everyone does. The creation of this app can help many people to face this challenge with their communities.

What it does

The app is divided into two fundamental parts, information and what to do at home. The information is based on news from trusted sites to prevent fake news, in addition to tests of mental health and suspicion of COVID-19. People who are experiencing mental problems will be able to talk to a mental health professional for free (they will volunteer). In the other part of the app, the user can create a personalized routine and share these experiences with new friends (support friends that have interests in common, so both can work together in developing a habit, making each other accountable).

How I built it

The development was done entirely using the Ionic framework, because with it it is possible to export to the two most used platforms (Android and ios). The language used is based on the same format to develop a website, not to mention the use of Angular.js which makes everything much more dynamic. To test the app, I ran it on my own localhost chrome browser.

Challenges I ran into

First of all, this is my first hackathon. I thought I wouldn't need help, but I think that if I had a team I could have helped me. I still couldn't find a reliable API to request the updated information, but I put a simulation of what it would be like. It was time consuming to connect the firebase with Ionic.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud to have participated in a hackathon for the first time and to have learned to use the Ionic framework in a short time. I know I still have to learn many other things, but just having an app that works is enough to make me happy. I am also proud to be able to put into practice an idea that I know can have a big impact on the whole world.

What I learned

I learned that I should have researched previously what tools I would use. Maybe I could have stayed in my comfort zone (website only) and delivered the complete project. I should have managed better my time. I spent half of my time thinking about the design and in the end I could not even apply everything.

What's next for Stay Home

Now that I have the idea developed and a prototype of how the app would look like, I must contact mental health professionals and lawyers to learn about the legal and ethical process of making an app that way. I will try to implement the other parts of the app that could not be implemented due to time and the use of new technology. Among the implementations are the contact with the health professional through video, audio and text, the creation of the professional's app vision and adjustments of the tests made available.

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