Our inspiration in creating this website is that many people are undergoing a quarantine period due to the covid-19 virus outbreak which is experiencing pressure and boredom. Can't meet up with friends and family. Plus if they are trapped in a country that does not allow it to return to its place of origin. Therefore we built this StayFun web application to entertain people to avoid it from pressure and boredom. Because this game can be played together remotely. There is also a simple education about COVID-19 so you can be more alert.

What it does

StayFun is a web application that we made using html, php, and javascript programming. StayFun have a purpose to serve a educational that is collaborated with selected recommendation games complete with synopsis and can be played immediately. We also introduce some traditional games, so the web is not only to entertainment but also cultural education.

How we built it

We made using html, php, and javascript programming. We make three parts where the first part is home the second part is list and the third part is about us. The home section contains educational information, mini quizzes and recommended games complete with synopsis. The list section contains a collection of games. And about us lists is information about this application.

Challenges we ran into

we are having some problems that, in sorting and choosing what games to recommend, considering the many popular games. But we decided to choose the recommended game not only because of its popularity, but the level of difficulty in playing it, the quality of the graphics, the education in it and the number of players that can be played with many friends.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to be a human who can help each other, there is nothing we can do to have a good impact in this case, so we build a website to entertain people so that they can fill their free time by not thinking negatively and feeling depressed with this situation.

What we learned

One point that can be done by local and global communities in facing Corona and at the same time facing climate change is to strengthen collaboration and social solidarity. For the community, in addition to empathy, social solidarity needs to be strengthened again. Social solidarity needs to be built with humanitarian awareness, regardless of differences in political, religious, religious or ethnic choices.

What's next for StayFun

StayFun is new website, there's many bugs,there's something we need to improve. We want to make this website a mobile application with more recommended games based on countries and continents. So that it can connect a sense of solidarity between human beings

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