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We’ve seen many people and especially, risk group people who are isolated because of the pandemic crisis, with the fear of going out if they catch the virus at any time. But they still have to go out and perform day-to-day tasks such as getting their groceries, medicines. The number of ageing people and its societies are growing rapidly everywhere at the moment: how many people are unable to perform those usual day-to-day tasks in this world and how can we help them?

Maybe they are waiting for heroes to come and help them, but they don’t know how to ask for help, or maybe they are even shy to ask. And we, many young people at home, naturally want to help those people in local area if we know where they are, how to connect in the right way.

Now, it is the time to use our power of love. All people should keep feeling connected with the world under this period of isolation.

What it does

Pandemic has caused variety of problems especially for the risk group: not being able to go out and get groceries, take your dog to a walk etc. Basically, they become unable to perform usual tasks because there are risks. To tackle this, we help volunteers come together to a platform where they can connect with these people and help them in a more efficient and effective way.

In addition, there is so much negative news about the virus, we cannot neglect that. However, what we don't often see are the positive ones, like how many have recovered? Instead of giving all the news that scare people, we help people be more aware of the good news related to the virus and guides on how to avoid catching it. We bring the right information instead of myths, in the right order to everyone so that they can keep calm and StaySafe.

Since we focus on solidarity for the people in action, we make it easier for volunteers to find people to help and their work more efficiently through our service, through the maps functionality allowing them to explore and manage everyone who needs help on their map screen and interact with them directly.

We also compensate the volunteers through our ''HeroPoints'' which enables them to redeem discounts or buy on our store. The store will be powered by the local businesses and this gamification system will make volunteers come back and thus give isolated people a better experience under this hard time.

Since our wish is to help people improve their self-isolation experience*, through our maps implementation, one way that we will also help people and volunteers to stay safe is to help them reach their destinations more safely by showing them what times they can go according to the amount of people there so they can practice social distancing. By giving them such information, we help people analyse and decide the risk for going outside. By helping the volunteers to help others, we will improve people’s life quality in self isolation around the world.

How we built it

Currently, we are making it using React Native which allows us to code once and run on both iOS and Android. It saves us time and it is also well supported by third party services. We will are using Firebase for database related purposes. For styling, we are using various React Native libraries and to integrate maps, we are using Google Maps API.

Challenges we ran into

・To recruit the skills needed to build our vision.

・Incorporating live data on map, and local status on amounts of crowds etc.

・Learning React Native which not everyone had been coding in before.

・Adapting to time zones differences within the team.

・Making the layouts look exactly as the Design team made.

・Integrating firebase and creating the database logic, structure and interaction flow in such little time.

・Trying to avoid conflicts with so much code which takes a lot of time.

・Formulating StaySafe so that it can adapt itself to work during any pandemics in the future such as the current COVID-19

Accomplishments that we're proud of

・That the application is possible to scale globally. We can apply this service in any city and pivot it to other global issues, not specifically corona. In Sweden for example, there are a LOT of lonely elderly people. With this application we can open doors and make people’s life better.

・The gamification and our loyalty system of Bonus/Hero points. This is a key scale because the amount of people who can help out don’t have a limit. We just need to attract them to our app.

・To get people to socialize more, get cred for it, help people in need, help their communities and local business and get cred/rewards for it is what builds bridges.

・The product development, from nothing to this. Made the product useful from the first day when launching.

・Putting the core foundation of the backend logics along with making the database structure and interaction flow.

・We managed to put together this prototype in our common vision, regardless of different time zones, languages and backgrounds.

・We were able to learn brand new platforms and databases and adapt accordingly.

・By getting our heroes coming back again and again for the hero points helping people in need, we are kind of creating job opportunities for the poor.

・Being able to implement CRUD procedure within the application and successfully implement them exactly the way we wanted to.

・Completing the maps integration to an extent

What we learned

・Recruit a team of visionaries ready to work to make ideas reality.

・Culture and language differences are not a huge barrier when coding, but make sure to have the same clear vision of the final product and the same level of passion.

・Interview your target group to know their needs and digital behavior. We interviewed Lisa (our front person in the pitch video) which gave us many good insights that helped us with design decisions.

・You need all the time for coding that you can get, but having time for quality assurance is key.

・Set your own milestones within the team.

・Many check-ins between marketing, design, business and developing are good, but keep them short.

・There will be many good ideas, make sure to find the unique reasons why bringing your product to market. And then believe in it and execute it.

What's next for StaySafe

・Phase one

・User testing on the field, validate what we did - tweak if we necessary

・Continue to complete the development of the features such as being able to look up time opening times and live data for crowd at places.

・Explore feature such as anonymitiy

・Connect to a payment system to add personal security and personal verification while allowing for payments to be made for grocery shopping, for example. This could be Swish, GooglePay and Paytm/Paypal or other.

・Management and administration: creating a company and recruit staff, finance the company’s first step by ourselves

・Pre launch

・Branding & marketing development, get website running

・Initiate collaborations with community stakeholders to reach individuals in risk groups. (e.g. 70+ y/o users that we can reach through the community care etc.)

・Influencer collaborations with both target groups, potential heros and people in need of their help.

・Go to market execution

・Starting with markets where the virus is spreading rapidly and where society cannot receive help as fast as needed such as in developing countries like India, Indonesia and similar.

・The application will be useful both in cities where there is not yet lockdown (e.g. Stockholm, Island, Japan) and cities that soon will have to open up the lockdown and get the society start going (e.g. Madrid or Milan)

・We will try to make efficient by collaborating with community stakeholders, inviting local businesses to sign-up themselves on our website and start partnerships with them.

StaySafe has a great future potential to be used by a lot of people globally. The global age society has been growing gradually year by year, so even after this pandemic crisis finishes, the Heroes will keep giving hands to those.

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