The COVID19 situation escalated in Italy in February and quickly pharmacies, supermarkets, banks and other public places were assaulted by crowds of people. The same happened in Austria where in Vienna on 13 March supermarkets were super crowded and emptied, creating a post apocalyptic scenery. Same happens in other countries.  In this crisis staying at home and social distancing become the norm.  Still people need to do grocery shopping, go to pharmacies, banks, hospitals, police stations etc. Me personally I want to go to this places when less people are present so I can contribute to effective social distancing. I know most of us want the same.

What it does

Skip Crowds will help people decide when to visit locations they need to visit in order to avoid jam, similar to applications we have to avoid traffic jams. People will feel empowered to better apply social distancing and lower the spread, flatten the curve and help humanity fight the crisis.

The same application can be used also by the emergency response team when a new case of covid19 is confirmed the solution will be able to match if the person has been at any location during the past 2 weeks and inform the rest of the people present at the same location in the same time to take extra care considering the circumstances.

How we built it

I am planning to assemble a multi functional team and have a backend, done in .net, that will provide a web api consumed by a frontend website and a mobile app.  In the first sprint the goal is to have a simple and basic solution ready to go live.  Second would be to add additional features during the next week. From customer validation feedback we expect to gather additional needed features. We are also contacting partners to help us with promoting the usage of the app.

Challenges I have

I am doing this beside my full time home office job, while taking care of 2 little kids. My biggest challenge is finding the right amount of time and balancing the rest of my work and home activities.  Also in order to scale the solution finding founds for operational costs would be fantastic, for example aws costs and google services costs.

What's next for Stop the spread with less crowds

This section will be updated in the next days as we tackle challenges during the hackathon.



.net, android, node.js, react-native, sql

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