The problem

If everyone could be quarantined for 4 weeks, the virus would simply disappear. However, this is technically not possible and, probably, the epidemic will continue until a critical mass of people develop immunity.

How to combine normal life and quarantine activities?

What if we quarantine only those who are infected, and the rest will continue a normal life? However, the specificity of COVID -19 is such that a person becomes contagious before he develops symptoms (and sometimes they never appear) or before he does the test.

The solution

To track the person’s contacts and if he develops symptoms or turns out to be a positive test, send everyone he has been contacted for testing.


A person downloads the StopCOVID application. Then he marks all his visits to places where the risk of infection is potentially high, such as work, study, events, travels in public transport, visiting shops etc. Technically, such marks can be made by scanning the QRCode, NFC tags or by GPS location.

In case of the appearance of symptoms or a positive test, a person notes this in the application and the system will notify everyone with whom he could contact in these places.

People who receive the message take measures to prevent the spread of the disease for a time sufficient to detect the disease or its denial.


How to motivate people to use the application?

How to motivate locations (shops, events) to provide possibilities for check-in? How will disease facts get into the system? How will people be invited to test?

How does it correspond to human rights and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

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