Solo entrepreneurs and small businesses are suffering a lot throughout the COVID-19 crisis. They have loss in revenues, sales as well as in hope for a brighter future. The Government of Denmark has applied bold measures to help the economy throughout this crisis, however this crisis also needs bold ideas to support these businesses. On  the other hand, the expenses of the general public are, presumably, becoming lower, as there are not many places where they could spend their money on (restaurants, bars, clubs, travels etc.). This creates a great opportunity to reduce the burden on the public sector and the tax money, while at the same time - save businesses, by giving them an inflow of required cash, to be able to survive.

That’s the point where we got the inspiration to create the SuppBiz platform.

What it does

SuppBiz - support your business crush - is a platform which combines the good, the better, and the awesome.

The good - an opportunity to buy gift cards or support favorite businesses with money.

The better - you can find all the businesses that need your help in ONE place. Our database is constantly updating, and, if you can’t find your favorite business crush - fear not - you can text us, and we will contact the business that needs help!

The awesome - you give money - your business crush lives (and you can visit your B-crush afterwards, when the crisis is over)

How I built it

The website was made in the back-end with MySql and Php using Laravel framework, and the front-end is combined with Blade (the templating engine for Laravel) and VueJs (a JavaScript framework).

Challenges I ran into

The biggest challenge was the lack of knowledge when it comes to customer behavior nowadays which raised the questions: would customers buy now and use later? Moreover, we were wondering if the entrepreneurs will be open to a new platform to place their services. Also, another significant challenge was that there is not enough or concrete data out there about the numbers of entrepreneurs affected, so we had to estimate.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We came up with an idea that can help both, the entrepreneurs and the overall economy. This was possible because of the great collaboration with the team, structured and organized work and the possibility to build a prototype fast.

What I learned

We learned that the entrepreneurs are in strong financial pain, but on the other side, the customers are very willing to help out. Moreover, we got clear on the fact that if we combine our skills and powers, great solutions are coming out of it. Lastly, we did learn a lot from each other about new websites and tools.

What's next for Suppbiz

Firstly, we will finalize the website based on the feedback. Furthermore, we will set up a marketing campaign in order to promote the platform to the businesses as well as to the population of Denmark and encourage them to join.

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