Inspiration - We’ve been consulting salons and developing CRM system for them for last 10 year. That’s how we’ve found out that they always have troubles with their suppliers, such as, a needed product is out of stock, managers make errors in purchase orders, choice problems, etc.

What it does - so we’ve started developing a Supplio - automated restocking platform for salons integrated with supplier CRM system. So basically,  it can do the automated purchase orders for salons from different suppliers, analyze data for suppliers (what products are used the most by different salons, what they will order next, which products they would like to order if they will exist, etc.)

How we built it - A part of our CRM system is a module which is responsible for  product management and replenishment, so we’ll use it in Supplio.

Accomplishments that we're proud of - We developed a Prototype with basic features, and now we are working on beta version. We were select to become a part of Sector X accelerator spring-summer session. And we are communicating with L’Oreal, because they are interested in our product. Also, we’ve filled 15+ customer surveys, which gave us a better understanding of our potential clients and problems they are facing daily.

What's next for Supplio - We hope to develop our MVP by the end of July. And now we are actively looking for our first customers both suppliers and salons to test our product.

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amazon-web-services, c#, react

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