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What it does

SupplySwap eliminates the need for contact by making it easy to trade by allowing users to input what the need, and what they have, and then SupplySwap finds a trade and pairs people's haves and needs.

How I built it

It was built with a Flask back end, and Jinja/HTML to render the templates

Challenges I ran into

On the back end, there were many challenges with attempts to use App Engine, but pythonAnywhere turned out to be a much easier hosting option. Additionally, we had trouble getting the google maps API fully functional.

What's next for Supply Swap

We plan to add more detailed haves/needs in our application, and have directions render in the map component. Also, we plan to add a css framework such as Bootstrap to make the website look a little cleaner.

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flask, google-maps, html, javascript, jinja, pythonanywhere

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